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best gun for apartment defense

An often overlooked consideration for any weapon someone plans to carry or employ as their home defense piece, or both, is how expensive the ammo for it is. Shotguns seem to be less prone to this, and they certainly pack a punch. Any action taken as a result of information, analysis, or advertisement on this site is ultimately the responsibility of the reader. Just beginning this search and trying to … 1 year ago. We’ll go over the best shotgun ammo for your home/apartment plus what to use for regular target practice. It has a large enough caliber to effectively stop an intruder, but is not overpowered for the population density found in an apartment building. Archived. I have semi autos and revolvers . No matter how many times it is said, it can never be said or heard enough: “The best self defense firearm for you is the one you are proficient with, feel confident with, and are carrying in a time of need.” In an urban environment, you have to defend yourself at close, intermediate, and long ranges. 34. If you say 5 shots is not enough you need more practice . Plus, 15–20 cartridges in a handgun that can be held comfortably by most adults is hard to beat. If you’re just interested in checking out the guns, you can skip to the list below.Our main factors were the overall quality, reliability, accuracy, capacity and ease of use for each gun.That means we went with the guns that we and other shooters have found to work very well every time and put shots on the target.After all, when your life is on the line, you need a gun you c… However, handguns are easy to use in the close quarters of an apartment, accurate at the distances you’re likely to encounter, and the skills you’ve developed for CCW transfer beautifully to defending your home. Founded by proud Americans, they put a premium on the freedom and right to defend us, ours, and our country, a freedom guaranteed by our Constitution. It has a large enough caliber to effectively stop an intruder, but is … As such, I have been looking into obtaining a firearm for protection. 12ga Shotgun Shells, Opened (L to R: Bird, Buck, Slug) Here is the quick list of the ammo we like and recommend: Ammo Name Type Note Penetration Recommended Use; Estate #8 2-3/4″ #8 Birdshot: Cheap! Before we get to our list, we wanted to explain how we chose these guns. The Ammunition Depot team is proud to provide people with good jobs in their home state of Florida, with an emphasis on hiring vets. A long-standing consensus within the firearms community is that the venerable 12 gauge pump action shotgun is the best weapon for home defense. Undeniably effective close-quarters weapons, shotguns combine a lot of power with a lot of lead (probably steel). and then assess the … As thousands of AR fans on hundreds of firearms forums have pointed out: .223 ammo, in many circumstances, is actually less prone to over-penetration than a 9mm ball. Accordingly, a self-defense minded gun owner needs to first take into account where he lives (suburban house, farm, studio apartment etc.) New home construction walls are easy to penetrate and hit they neighbors home . First Time Gun Owner for Apartment Defense. We are also affiliated with other companies from which we earn a small commission. Buckshot and slugs are both capable of inflicting considerable collateral damage. Because the best gun for defending your home, apartment, condo, or house is the gun that works best for you. The ideas expressed on this site are solely the opinions of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent the opinions of sponsors or firms affiliated with the author(s). All Rights Reserved. The AR-15 and its variants chambered for .223 may seem like dangerous and unnecessary overkill in an apartment, but, believe it or not, that’s not necessarily the case. No carry is going to prove a successful solution if the owner isn’t practicing with it and bulk 9mm ammo is one of the least expensive calibers available. First Time Gun Owner for Apartment Defense. Best Portable Apartment Gun Safe. Rifle rounds run the risk of penetrating through walls and causing collateral damage. Should you choose a 9mm handgun as an apartment defense carry, chamber it with hollow-point slugs. One solution that’s been suggested by a number of forward-thinking apartment-protectors is chambering your scattergun with #5 or #6 turkey shot. The content on Apartment Prepper is provided as general information and entertainment only. Perhaps most importantly: Everyone’s situation is unique and there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. This is another great gun you could use for home defense. They plan to continue creating jobs; supporting charities for our troops, law enforcement, and shooting sports; and providing bullet-fast delivery of quality products for decades to come. To learn more, or find some 9mm ammo for sale, visit, Exit Stage Center: Lack of Traction for Moderate Dem Candidates Signals Voters are Looking for…. Of course, there are way too many specific calibers, loads, and variations (not to mention the thousands of brands and models) to present a comprehensive study here. The AR-15. Posted by 1 year ago. The last thing anyone wants to do is inadvertently endanger the safety of a neighbor should the worst-case scenario require firing a gun to protect yourself in an apartment building. The 9mm is a solid pistol in general for self-defense, apartment or not. Shotgun buckshot or birdshot are great home defense rounds, but a handgun is my home defense weapon of choice because I can maneuver around tight corners in my apartment more easily than with a … A good home defense gun should not penetrate your homes walls and hit your spouse and children on the other side of a wall . 9mm Pistols The 9mm is a solid pistol in general for self-defense, apartment or not. Close. I sold firearms for many decades and worked in law enforcement . Apartment Prepper is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to We do not provide financial advice and recommend you speak to a financial professional before making any financial decision. Mossberg_590A1 There is no doubt that the shotgun is going to be one of the most popular types of guns... Glock 17/19. The problem is, lots of powder throwing lots of steel isn’t going to be slowed down a whole lot by drywall, plaster, and hollow-core doors. The Umarex T4E Walther PPQ .43 Caliber Training Pistol Paintball Gun is a great option for non-lethal home defense that will promptly show … But apartment living typically calls for fewer holes and more portability. It’s an odd oversight considering that there are more people renting right now than there have been since 1965. We do not provide medical advice and recommend that you see your doctor before making any medical decisions. Even with the best rated semi auto’s I have had a jam of some sort . The population dynamics of apartments make choosing a weapon with a lower likelihood of over-penetration far more important. Basically, the issues that apply to any home defense situation apply to apartment defense — except that there are more shared walls and more people behind them in an apartment complex. Heckler & Koch – VP9 4.1in 9mm Black Black Polymer 3 Dot Sight 15+1-Round.

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