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green smoothie bowl no banana

Will have to try. Sadly, I reacting to raw bananas at the moment. It’s very smooth but I can never achieve the thick ice cream like consistency and I follow the recipe to the letter. Bummer about the avocado, but the sweet potato one will work still. Learn how your comment data is processed. Woohoo that sounds delicious!! I was eating anywhere from 2 to 10 bananas x day.. for a 1 year. Add more milk/frozen raspberries to desired consistency. Coconut shavings? And then I remembered why frozen fruit-based beverages are so good. Without a doubt. And since then I have made the blueberry one with walnut and hemp milk too. Optional: 2-3 medjool dates or 1 tbsp maple syrup to sweeten. The same way you make your chocolate squiggles so shiny and perfect…MAGIC. If I’m out of acai I often run out of ideas for a raspberry or blueberry bowl!!! Pineapple is pretty strong and sweet, so I bet it masks it pretty well. *For the frozen sweet potato chunks, bake any kind of sweet potato, cube it, and freeze overnight. And let me tell you, I appreciate grapefruit on a whole new level now. You can always add more liquid to the mix if you prefer a sippable consistency, but personally the closer to the froyo end of the spectrum the better in my opinion. Coconut shavings are good for you in very little amounts because they have a very high-fat content. Unfortunately I’m also allergic to avocados which cancelled out the pineapple smoothie you made. Required fields are marked *. These are SO PRETTY Natalie and soooo rainbow-ish! Girl the color of these is SO ON POINT. strawberry cheesecake smoothie bowl with no bananas. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Too many creamy ingredients → it’s not reminiscent enough of ice cream. Your smoothie bowls look amazing. But fresh works too. I’m so sorry about your tummy not being happy with banana at the moment…I know you love banana, but glad you found a sub!! Berries have pretty much staked claim to the left half of the largest shelf in my fridge because I can never pick just one variety, so I’ve had a smattering stocked at all times for the past few weeks for snacking and topping and there may have even been some jam making. This recipe is so versatile also, with the different milks you could use, the different nut butters, the different fruits…. I will have to try this one on Olivia and see if she can taste the avocado. Strawberries have lots and lots of vitamin C and many other anti-aging antioxidants, Peanuts are great to suppress appetite, control blood sugar levels and their consumption is inversely related to diabetes 2. Thanks for reading Sara and happy monday! But I knew it would be because I packed in lots of favorite ingredients. I’m sorry to hear you and bananas aren’t currently getting along (although I’m glad banana bread is still a-okay). Blueberry Vanilla Cashew Smoothie. Green. Light coconut milk for the green. I’m Natalie, the recipe creator around here sharing simple snacks and treats that are secretly healthy under their sweet dessert disguises! That purple one has become my go-to summer sweet treat, and I’ve been working on some banana-free date smoothies too! These smoothies aren’t really supposed to be ice cream texture as written, but if you want to achieve that texture you will need less milk (maybe 1/3 cup) and more frozen stuff. And sweet potatoes are just as amazingly versatile as bananas themselves I think…maybe more since they can do sweet and savory. I use bananas so much in smoothies that it’s actually nice to have an alternative…and those COLORS!!! I just made the Blueberry Vanilla one. Hope that helps! Too many frozen ingredients → it’s like drinking a snow cone. Green smoothies used to be my daily jam. Also, super happy for you that you’ve found what works best for your tummy! Thank you so much for creating and sharing ❤ ❤. Love that you made us a 3-for-1 recipe post—speaks volumes about your generosity (that and, well KNOWING you, ahem). That’s why two of these three smoothies are berry flavored – because some fruit is necessary for natural sweetness and frozen but ice-free thickness, and I find berries to be the best option for me personally. Enjoy! Cooking doesn’t always mean compromising on nutrition. So, I love all these alternatives. I’ve tried to make the blueberry vanilla bowl but it never comes out thick as ice cream. Almost 100% raw vegan. Now I’m gonna go check out what else you have. For sure! Frozen cauliflower and zucchini are worth a try too. Combine the milk, chia seeds, avocado, and spinach in a blender. So each blend has a perfect balance of both, but with 3 different unseen base ingredients so you have plenty of options. Total … Thanks for watching and commenting Anjali <3, Thank you so much for creating banana-free smoothie bowls!!! Add more milk/frozen blueberries to desired consistency. Combine the milk, chia seeds, and frozen sweet potato, in a blender. My stomach is cool with them too, we talked it out. I actually made a chocolate sweet potato ice cream the other day too similar to yours but by freezing the sweet potato by itself first and then blending everything up–so good! . Next time around I would probably cube and freeze the avocado just like the sweet potato, since my goal is as ice-cream-like as possible after all. Will definitely try them out thanks Natalie! Cooked are actually ok. Well then perfect timing for finding this post! The colors are beautiful! Beauty Bites. To match the theme of the ingredients in each (and test out all kinds), I used…. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. A banana-free smoothie made with lots of juicy blueberries, sweet vanilla bean, and creamy cashew butter. Blend peanuts and berries in your handblender “bucket” with the milk and water until creamy. These look lovely! You know, I’m not even sad about the no bananas anymore because it’s been so much fun experimenting with other smoothie ways! My daughter keeps asking me for a smoothie bowl but most recipes have banana and then that is all we taste in the smoothie. I can’t wait to try the other two, the colors just look so vibrant and delicious. A banana-free smoothie made with tangy tart raspberries and chunks of frozen sweet potato for a thick creamy texture. Anti-Inflammatory Smoothie Recipes & Guide, « Lose weight with a desk job: How to get fit when you’re sitting ALL DAY LONG, Workout Plan For Beginners #2: Great Workouts You Can Do Sitting ». Thanks for reading Anjali <3. Blend on high until the chia seeds are fully broken down and the mixture begins to thicken. I will always choose the “thick enough to warrant a spoon” anytime. Although somehow I’m guessing that’s a very very apocalyptic-level rare occasion Banana-based blending or not, definitely try the cashew butter addition–it’s so dreamy! I have an ice cream maker of course, I’m just impatient ha! Which I’m allergic to. It is practically screaming summer out of my computer screen, lol! Any suggestions? I put chia seeds in almost all my smoothies these days for thickness, and yes sweet potato makes amazing creamy texture. I also love freezing full fat coconut milk into ice cubes for banana free smoothies, or this recipe with yogurt is another favorite of mine: Not to mention the word sweet right in the title. Because hair’s made out of keratin. They actually all taste unique as opposed to just slightly different variations of banana The sweet potato was awesome for texture. +++++ Author: Natalie. Other than that they will provide some minerals and taste good. The days of multi-banana, blender-filled-to-the-brim smoothies are a many months ago memory for me at this point, and I wasn’t even missing them. I do pineapple ones for my daughter and hubby and wish I liked pineapple as well.

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