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functions of social system

It is different from an aggregate of people and community. One may achieve it on the basis of service rendered. In other words ideals and norms are responsible for an ideal structure or system of the society. Goal attainment, or the processes of organizing the activities of social units to bring about a valued … These are as follows: According to Parsons, this type of social system tends to be organized around kinship and sociality. Some of the important functions of Social Structure are as follows: The concept of social structure implies that it is made of numerous parts and these parts are in systematic arrangement. Adaptability of social system to the changing environment is essential. Pattern maintenance and tension management is the primary function of social system. Equilibrium can also be of moving sort, which according to Parsons, is “an orderly process of change of the system”. These are, however, subordinated to likeness. Both contribute to the maintenance of... 3. A system performs certain roles as the players of cricket perform their respective roles in their positions. Functions of Social System: 1. Goal Attainment:. The British system, in the nineteenth century, when the continent was in the inferno of revolution, showed remarkable adaptability. While discharging certain jobs or doing certain things, every individual keeps in his mind his status. There would be a changing disposition of the parts of a society until some appropriate ‘equilibrium’ is reached. Social system is also linked with cultural system. Human interactions or activities of the individual actors should not be aimless or without object. In the words of H.M. Johnson, ” Manifest function are those that are intended and recognised: Latent functions are unrecognised and unintended”. Role is the external expression of the status. It is generally agreed that the social system has four primary functional problems to attend. It is to invest the actors with appropriate attitude and respect towards norms and institution, that the socialization works. The parts that constitute it too have specific functions. The acts done or not done according to norms may bring reward and punishment. Likewise, society may be viewed as a system of interrelated mutually dependent parts which cooperate to preserve a recognisable whole and to satisfy some purposes or goal. Prohibited Content 3. Adaptation:. Social system has the characteristic of adjustment. It has been seen that change takes place in the social system due to human needs, environment and historical conditions and phenomena. He pointed out that members of a society are continuously in the process of adapting to its material substance. Both contribute to the maintenance of social order. Report a Violation, The Meaning of Social Structure | Sociology, 6 Most Important Elements of Social Structure (508 Words). Taking society as a total entity, and its interrelationship with its parts, the changes in them can be explained by ‘equilibrium- disequilibrium’ adjustments. He adjusts himself with the social situations conforming with social norms, values and standards. A social system is maintained by the various mechanisms of social control. Some of the dysfunctions may be discussed as under: When a person joins an office he is very active and has vigor but less responsibilities. The economy of a society is that subsystem which produces goods and services for a wide variety of purposes; the “polity”, which includes above all the Government in complex societies, mobilizes goods and services for the attainment of specific goals of the total society regarded as a single social system. According to Lapiere, “The term society refers not to group of people, but to the complex pattern of the norms of inter action that arises among and between them.”. Johnson has said that,” A function may be manifest for some participants in the social system and latent for others”. It is bound by reciprocal awareness. The functional character of society, Parsons has discussed in depth. Function may conveniently be defined as any contribution to the fulfillment of one or more of the social needs. In fact within every social system there is the in built mechanism for the purpose. They are bound in oneness, by norms and values, culture and shared behaviour. Image Courtesy : typophile.com/files/Sociology.jpg. Sociologically purpose is something subjective, whereas function and for that purpose even dysfunction is objective. It is the arrangement that gives distinction to the society. Examples of social function in the following topics: The Functionalist Perspective. It is applicable to, all societies equally. A social system may be defined, after Parsons, a plurality of social actors who are engaged in more or less stable interaction “according to shared cultural norms and meanings” Individuals constitute the basic interaction units. And this differentiates one system from another. An authoritarian State example of this types. For example, in the family parents, sons and daughters are required to perform certain socially recognised functions or roles. A state of equilibrium exists, when systems tend towards conditions of minimum stress and least imbalance. The maintenances of equilibrium, according to him resolve two fundamental types of process: “The first of these are the process of the socialization by which actors acquire the orientations necessary to the performance of their roles in the social systems, when they have not previously possessed them; the second type are the process involved in the balance between the generation of motivations to deviate behaviour and the counter balancing motivations to restoration of the stabilized interactive process which we have called mechanism of social control”. Goal attainment and adaptability are deeply interconnected. Thus, a social system presupposes a social structure consisting of different parts which are interrelated in such a way as to perform its functions. Similarly, social organisations function within the frame work of a normative pattern. The social system, according to Charles P. Loomis, is composed of the patterned interaction of visual actors whose’ relation to each other are mutually oriented through the definition of the mediation of pattern of structured and shared symbols and expectations.

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