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At first, Obata tried to depict Mello as having "more energy than Near." [10] Mello then enlists the help of his friend Matt to spy on Misa Amane, suspecting she is helping Kira. Episode 1 Obata claimed he felt sad when Mello died in the story shortly afterward. [33], Anime News Network's Casey Brienza stressed Mello's presence as a narrator in the light novel "makes things a bit too breathless in places and a bit too self-conscious in others". He was meant to be a successor and wanted to avenge L when he heard of his death. Since she knows Mello's real name from Light, Takada uses the hidden piece of the Death Note to kill him. Mello is usually seen wearing dark leather clothes. Before he leaves SPK, Mello tells Near about Sidoh and the fake rules,[9] which sharpens Near's suspicions on Light. However, he came to feel that it was better that the switch happened. In time, Light discovers the location of Mello's Mafia hideout by having Misa Amane use her Shinigami Eyes to identify Jack Neylon, a Mafia member who currently owns the Death Note. Death Note is my absolute favorite and I always love reading scenarios so I thought to make some of my own for you guys ;). [12] Mello forces her to strip naked to get rid of any tracking devices. Obata said that, for him, Mello's design (originally Near's) was "more calm and feminine," while Near's (originally Mello's) was more chaotic with his tangled hair. Takada agrees but then realizes his identity. Mello Fabrizio De Flaviis [32] Erin Finnegan from Pop Culture Shock praised Death Note: The Last Name for the absence of Mello and Near. Mello suffered a few physical scars from his battle with Kira, and the Death Note creators even stated that they like to draw characters who gradually become more disheveled and rough-looking as time goes. He is shown playing outside with some other children (and hitting one in the head with a soccer ball), while Near stays indoors alone, working on a blank puzzle. Shortly after, Mello has a member of the Mafia write down the names of almost every member of the SPK, not only to severely hinder Near's investigation and reduce the number of his resources, but also to kill the spy within the SPK should Near plan on getting to Mello through the spy. (At this stage in the manga, Mello and Matt's movements are unknown. Cantonese Near gives Mello the photograph. Later, Light meets with Misa and Mikami and orders them to kill the task force and Mello respectively. Sidoh reveals to him—in exchange for some of Mello's chocolate—that there are two extra fake rules (in addition to a number of real ones specified to each Death Note's owner). Mello is voiced by Nozomu Sasaki in the Japanese anime, David Hurtwitz in the English version and Javier Olguín in the Latin Spanish dub. [21] However, the designs for the characters became switched at a later phase; the final Mello had Near's design and vice versa. Portuguese As a result, Ohba did not give Mello a "large role" at the conclusion of Death Note and instead had Mello negatively affect Light "indirectly." Mello is initially embodied in a puppet that Near carries around, but later manifests directly through Near. Ohba's idea of Mello ultimately defeating Light and Near - being "the best" - was strong in his mind, but once Mello had "learned too much about the Death Note" he had to kill him to "sustain the intensity of the story." Initiative 10/10[1] Ohba also said that he added Mello's scar to the thumbnails as this appearance would give him "more depth." To increase pressure on the Task Force, Mello kidnaps Sayu Yagami, daughter of NPA Deputy Director Soichiro Yagami. Arguably, Mello is not trying to defeat Kira out of a sense of "justice" but because capturing Kira will prove to the world that Mello is indeed the worthy successor to L as the world's greatest detective and not simply a runner-up to Near. He added that the fact that he and Ohba did not regularly meet in person was for the best, because if Obata told Ohba about his satisfaction with Mello's new appearance, Ohba may not have killed Mello. 8/10[1] The next eleven chapters, which cover a period of almost two months, focus on Light Yagami's meetings with Takada and the SPK's investigation of Teru Mikami, who has been entrusted with a Death Note and continues the killings under Light's distant supervision.). The following information is from Death Note 13: How to Read. Or expect them to live. Social Skills Near gets Lidner to pass this info on to Mello, except for the fact that he has now identified Light Yagami as the new L and the prime suspect for Kira. Billions of people are living lives others told them to live. The artist added that the designs for the characters became switched at the design phase; the final Mello had Near's design and vice versa. Creativity During these events, Mello communicates with Soichiro while eating chocolate, a fact that is passed on to Near—Mello's intention being to show his rival that he has beaten him an obtained the Death Note first. However, he refused as he did not want to work with anyone else and wanted to solve it on his own. Obata added that he designed Mello's clothing based on "what I like," meaning clothes he enjoys drawing and not clothes that he enjoys wearing; Obata has stated that he enjoys drawing "shiny" leather. Sidoh reveals to Mello that two rules in the Death Note—including the one stating that the user dies unless he kills someone every thirteen days—are fake. After L's death, Mello dominates Near's personality and begins taking more drastic actions to catch Kira. When the children go back indoors, Mello can be seen holding a smaller boy back. [31] Writing for Active Anime, Holly Ellingwood stated they "truly represent – Light's newest and greatest enemies",[2] while Briana Lawrence from Anime News Network said both could be "much better characters" if they were treated as individuals instead of "different halves of L". The novel also switches from Mello's view and opinions to Naomi Misora's point of view. #8 (also w/Limited Edition)", "Death Note • Black Edition Vol.5 - La BD - Critiques", Another Note: The Los Angeles BB Murder Cases,, Fictional characters with neurological or psychological disorders, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 14 November 2020, at 16:44. At first, he "wavered" in their ages and considered making the characters the younger version of L, and he did not develop their personalities initially as he wanted to "reveal" them through their actions. Artbook Mello is left with a scar on his face, and the failure of his Mafia scheme leaves his real name in Light's hands. Weight [8], Mello invades SPK—an organization that aims to catch Kira—to retrieve a photograph of himself from Near. Voice Actors Mihael Keehl (Japanese: ミハエル・ケール, Hepburn: Mihaeru Kēru), universally referred to by the mononym Mello (メロ, Mero), is a fictional character in the manga series Death Note, created by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata. Ohba said that he let Obata create the character designs and asked him to make both characters look "a little 'L-ish.'". This meeting between the two successors has a profound impact, as the information Near receives from Mello drastically sharpens Near's suspicion of Light Yagami. The only food Mello has ever been seen eating is chocolate bars. Obata said that the fact that Ohba and Obata did not regularly meet in person was for the best because if Obata had told Ohba about his satisfaction with Mello's new appearance, Ohba might not have killed Mello. Mello is aggressive and dangerous, in contrast to Near's gentler nature, and L scolds Mello when he starts to cause Near problems. Death Note is one of the most popular manga stories in the world. He is left badly scarred along the left side of his face above his mouth; the gas mask he was wearing at the time protected the rest of his face. I'm the other person living inside Near."”. 14 pre-timeskip19-20 post-timeskip Ohba gave Mello a "very plain" death, depicted in only one panel; he felt that if Mello had perished "dramatically" it would reveal the truth behind his death.

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