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The shock mount is one of the better quality types and the mic comes with two premium Mogami XLR cables, one 7-pin and one 3-pin. Both are large-diaphragm tube condensers utilizing hand-picked vacuum tubes. The tube power supply also provides a switchable high-pass filter (-12dB/octave @ 125Hz), -10dB pad, and a 180° phase-flip switch. The internet was starting to bristle with hot-rod microphone stories and I was ripe to jump in and apply my 50 years of electronics experience. I decided to give it a shot. Knowing what I know now I might if I needed a second one or if this one was stolen. The sound the Revelation mic produces eliminated any thoughts of modding it. One afternoon recently I was seaching the internet for some microphone bodies to rebuild when I stumbled across an almost unbelievable sale price on the top of the line, multi-pattern MXL Revelation tube microphone. For me the 2247LE was the epitome of harsh. The MXL V69ME is just such a beast, it's a tube microphone finished with a very distinctive gold grille and in spite of internal Mogami wiring and tube circuitry this higher priced MXL model has the same dreadful sounding capsule as their cheaper offerings. capsules and the construction of the microphone was exactly the same as other Chinese microphones except for the octal socket which was populated with a vintage steel Telefunken vacuum tube. Fast forward to October, and the Revelation 2 gets a mini-me! The microphone has a wonderful high-frequency response, crisp but not too crisp, very clean with a pleasantly flattering character. Unfortunately changing the capsule does not help this model as much as some of the other MXL models benefit with replacement capsules, in the case of the V69 the tube circuit is just weird and not good sounding. But unlike the Genesis, the Revelation is a multipattern mic. I wish it had a slightly longer 7-pin cable, the 15-foot one provided makes placing the power supply challenging at times. Speaking of the grille, this one is very thin and if you want the microphone to live long use a pop-stop blast filter with it on singers. Read more about the Revelation, and hear audio samples in our MXL Revelation - First Listen review. All this experience really left me asking, can MXL could make a good sounding tube microphone? Soundwise it competes with the high end American Telefunken microphones depending entirely on the voice of the singer. The capsules are similar, perhaps identical, but the tubes and amplifier circuits are very different. Other than these minor complaints this is an awesome sounding microphone and I'd say it's easily worth the $900 street price it's currently selling for. The answer is an unequivocal and resounding YES! The mic’s headbasket uses a single-layer mesh. It follows MXL’s successful Genesis tube mic, which had a fixed-cardioid response and was remarkable for using a vintage Mullard 12AX7 tube. Examples include the EF86 pentode tube and balanced transformer output. (10 mV/Pa; 20 - 20,000 Hz). MXL Revelation Multi-Pattern Tube Condenser Microphone. The MXL Revelation Solo features individually selected components, chosen for their superior sonic capabilities. The 2001 microphone could be interesting on a close mic'd vocal but when used around something with a lot of high frequency content like cymbals the true awfulness of it's frequency response came out in abundance. I like it best in the cardioid pattern but it's nice to have the other patterns as options. A dial on the power supply provides continuously-variable pickup pattern selection, enabling the user to select any degree of variation from Omni to Figure-of-8 (with no switching noise). This differs from the Mullard 12AT7 tube found in the Genesis and Genesis II. The power supply is unique in that it has a continuously variable polar pattern knob, there are no switch stops. I've always thought MXL made great looking and durable microphones but their audio performance was very lacking, especially above 10k. The output transformer was so small it fit in the standard steel can like the one used in my MXL-2001 microphones. MXL replaced the microphone for me under warranty. Probably not because for that much money I'd be building a custom microphone myself. MXL is the brand name for pro audio gear, including microphones, made by Marshall Electronics. The Revelation is a great tube mic and a great value. The Revelation is extremely flattering in the highs and dare I say full sounding below 200 HZ. Powered by. MXL Revelation FET MINI. MXL. The MXL Revelation is a multipattern tube condenser. The mic’s capsule is a K67-type, with dual diaphragms made of 6-micron Mylar, center-terminated. The Revelation will ship with its power supply, a 15-foot Mogami power cable, a 15-foot Mogami XLR cable, elastic shockmount, and a cleaning cloth, all of which fit into the included aluminum flight case.

Best Amp For Kicker Comp C 12, Hipshot Hb7 Specs, Sun-dried Tomato Pesto Recipe Uk, Farm Logos Examples, Medicine Tablet Information,